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This game is a pre-alpha experiment in modernizeing  old shooters like the Megaman Legends series, Classic Doom, and Armored Core  where gameplay relied more on positioning and strafing than accuracy and reaction time.


Xbox Pc Controller:

Left Analog: Move Back and forward/Strafe left and right

Right Analog: Rotate camera, Switch Auto target

Left Trigger:Run

Right Trigger:Shoot Main Gun

Right Shoulder: Shoot Sub Weapon

Y: Auto Target Enemy;

A: Jump

Select:Open Pause:

Start: Open Inventory

In menu

Left Analog: switch Selected Button

B: Confirm


PC Controls:

W/S/A/D:Move Back and forward/Strafe left and right

Q/E:Rotate Right/Left


Esc: Open Menu

Tab: Open Inventory

Middle mouse Click: Auto Target

Scroll Wheel: change Target

Extra Mouse Controls:

the base mouse controls are a bit unusual; By Default far your mouse is from the center is how fats you look left or right, up or down. 

In options menu you can turn on the delta X and delta Y Movement to make turning and looking up and down based  on mouse movement. This setup was chosen because the feel of the game is meant to be a bit more tanky then most games, we'd love to hear feedback on this

Lead Programmer:Ryan Butler

Level Design: Hino Pringnitz , Ryan Butler

Sound Design:Ryan Butler

Title and Splash Screens: Danny Carvalho

Future Updates will try to Include

1.Utility Actions(Instant Dash, Shields ect)

2.Better Art

3.More intelligent AI

4.Better Save mechanics

5.Bug fixing

 Assets Packs We used:

The Simple Ui asset from Unruly Games

Modular Sci-Fi Heroes PBR From Dungeon Mason

POLYGON - Sci-Fi City Pack from Synty Studios

Thanks to

 Alexander Ameye from https://alexanderameye.github.io/outlineshader

and Steven Sell from https://www.vertexfragment.com/

for their tutorials on Renderer Features and Sobel Filters


Build 5.zip 150 MB
Pre Alpha Build 4.zip 155 MB

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